Why Amplify?

ur Values


Our focus is to give all our customers the very best customer experience. All our Health Care Professionals are also our business partners and always go the extra mile.


It’s our attention to detail that really matters. We focus on the small things which will make a huge difference to our customer's lives.


All our Health Care Professionals are highly trained and have constant training from industry leading clinicians to ensure the highest clinical standards are not only maintained but surpassed.


All our Health Care Professionals partners live within your community and are never too far away.


Unlike most national high street chains that are owned by hearing manufacturers, we are totally independent. What does this mean for you? We can recommend and prescribe all the latest hearing aid brands and types that fit your needs and ultimately enhance your life.


Ultimately your experience has to be a positive one. Being independent allows us the time to spend with you during our hearing assessment and thereafter to ensure our customers become our friends. 


We aim to change lives. History tells us that people with hearing loss reduces their social inclusion which in turn reduces their cognitive ability.  When you’re fitted with a pair of our hearing devises you will HEAR MORE, LIVE MORE!



To improve the lives of our customers. To us this means, ensuring you can hear your child or grandchild’s first words. It means you can go to the musical you’ve been waiting to watch and effortlessly submerge yourself in the entertainment, rather than struggling with your surroundings. It's about Amplifying your hearing.



To reinvent independent audiology.  To bring back independent audiology to the local area through our trusted family of partners and practices.

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