Why become an Amplify JVP?

Hear from our Joint Venture Partners

All our Joint Venture Partners run their own business and manage a portfolio of practices. 

Joint Venture Partner

Richard Birch
Unify Hearing

Joint Venture Partner

Steve Wright
Premier Hearing Care


Joint Venture Partner

Aamir Khan

AK Audiology

Why am I an audiologist?
I am an audiologist because when I have helped a patient with prescribing hearing devices or offering advice in my expertise, the benefit for the patient only just begins as they walk out of my clinic door. This not only benefits the patient but the family and friends around them. I know I can be proud

that I am changing lifestyles, emotions and behaviour positively if I do my role properly and that

is what wakes me up every day energised to see more and more audiological patients. 

Why did I choose to be an Amplify Joint Venture Partner?
The potential it was pitched to have. It sounded like a recipe for success – so a no brainer really.

Plus, it is your business you have the individuality within without the dictation from outside. I am currently enjoying some of that success it was pitched to have in the very beginning! With some

very happy patients!

What do I like about Amplify?
The honesty between us all from the top down, we all feel like a big family, like we are on the

same level and help is there as soon as you need it. We are always in contact over WhatsApp

with issues no matter how big or small, or sometimes just having a laugh on there.

We have regular formal group calls and then more chilled out get together.

Why Amplify?

See below a snippet of the support we offer to every Joint Venture Partner.

Download the full welcome pack to learn how we can tailor our support to meet your needs. 

Digital Marketing

We will create a web page with all the relevant information about

hearing care tailored

to your practices. 

Point Of Sale

We will provide you with all aspects of physical POS material free

of charge.

Staff Training

Receive a 3 hour tailored training course which outlines all the aspects

of hearing care both on the high street and in

optical practices. 

Patient Booking System

We have an easy

to use patient

management system. 

Commision Structure

A competitive

commision structure.

Financial Reporting

Receive monthly financial reporting, management and support. 

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